Warning: Consumers use Buy Now, Pay Later to cover daily expenses

This is a concern for economists and consumer advocates, who say the sudden rise in use of these services, combined with a lack of transparency and a lack of Regulatory oversight, makes them wonder how much debt Americans actually have. While other household debts, such as credit card spending and auto loans, are collected and … Read more

Bonds are flashing a recession warning light as an essential part of the yield curve being reversed again

The bond market is issuing a warning that the economy may be declining or has already entered a recession, according to one closely watched metric. Market professionals watch the spread on the Treasury yield curve, or the difference between the yields of longer-dated Treasury securities and those of shorter duration. Usually the longer duration, such … Read more

Hackers expose data on a billion Chinese after an alleged leak | Business and Economics News

Hackers claim to have obtained a trove of data on one billion Chinese from a Shanghai police database in a leak that, if confirmed, could be one of the biggest data breaches in history. In a post on the online hack forum, Hack Forums last week, a person using the handle “ChinaDan” offered to sell … Read more

Six startups apply through the first accelerator program designed for enterprises

Among the six founders featured on the day of the show are Ba.La.Mu founder Shenuka Umagiliya, Leo the Label founder Sashini Jinasena, BlueFish founder Bhagya Sandakalum, Miris by IslandMom founder Shivani Tyronne, Lactoboost founder by Spice Carriounder Lasni Silvaina and True by Tobin Sri Lanka’s first accelerator program designed specifically for state enterprises, AccelerateHER, held … Read more

More than 22,000 technicians lose jobs in the US, and more than 12,000 in Indian startups

With the tech sector and startups hit by the economic meltdown, more than 22,000 workers in this sector lost their jobs in 2022, along with more than 12,000 workers in the Indian startup ecosystem. Startups, especially those that have benefited from the pandemic boom, are feeling the pressure as valuations, particularly in the late stage, … Read more

Unemployment rates are down in Canada, but some companies are struggling to find jobs. Here’s why – my country

The unemployment rate across Canada fell to a new low of 5.1 per cent in May – the lowest level since at least 1976 – yet some companies are struggling to fill job vacancies. One of the main reasons for this, according to an expert, is that people are more “selective” when it comes to … Read more

Biden’s offshore drilling proposal would allow up to 11 sales | Health, medicine and fitness

By Janet McConaughey and Matthew Brown, Associated Press New Orleans (AFP) – President Joe Biden’s administration on Friday proposed as many as 10 oil and gas sales in the Gulf of Mexico and one off the coast of Alaska over the next five years – contradicting Democrats’ sales. Climate promises But the Trump-era plan, which … Read more

Most of the nation is on the wrong track, including Democrats: AP-NORC poll

Washington (AFP) – The huge and rising majority of People say the US is heading within the mistaken path, together with almost 8 in 10 Democrats, in response to a brand new ballot that discovered deep pessimism concerning the economic system. President Joe Biden is struggling. 85% of US adults say the nation is on … Read more

The new G-7 infrastructure plan offers an alternative to China’s Belt and Road

The Group of Seven introduced a brand new infrastructure financing program that might rival China’s Belt and Street Initiative. One professional says the G7 plan gives hope for creating international locations, nevertheless it stays to be seen whether or not it could possibly match the Belt and Street Initiative. on Sunday, United States and The … Read more

It’s still very hot, despite the sporadic layoffs

A “We’re hiring!” A banner is displayed at Starbucks Mario Tama | Getty Photos Information | Getty Photos Final week, Coinbase Senior Product Supervisor David Hong Wrote On LinkedIn, he mentioned he was up at 4 a.m. to organize for a gathering when his MacBook abruptly shut down. It was later found that he was … Read more