No lie, these stocks pay you to own them | personal financing

There is a lot to like about dividend-paying stocks. As long as the core companies are healthy and growing, they will likely continue to pay their dividends to shareholders – regardless of whether the economy is booming or sluggish, regardless of whether the stock itself is rising or falling. Even better, these dividends tend to … Read more

Hard Rock Deal Ends Atlantic City Casino Attack Threat | Health, medicine and fitness

Written by Wayne Barry – The Associated Press ATLANTIC CITY, NJ (Associated Press) – Hard Rock Casino reached an agreement with the major Atlantic City casino workers union on Saturday, removing the latest threat of a strike during a busy weekend and setting the stage for gambling halls and their workers to focus on recovering … Read more

How many stocks are there in california? (And is that a bad thing?) | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Taylor Carmichael) Here’s an idea: Browse your portfolio and find where all your stocks are. If technology is as heavy as mine, one state will pop up over and over again: California. In my own business that includes names like appleAnd the trade officeAnd the intuitive surgicalAnd the AirbnbAnd the RoccoAnd the proximityAnd the Unit … Read more

Biden’s offshore drilling proposal would allow up to 11 sales | Health, medicine and fitness

By Janet McConaughey and Matthew Brown, Associated Press New Orleans (AFP) – President Joe Biden’s administration on Friday proposed as many as 10 oil and gas sales in the Gulf of Mexico and one off the coast of Alaska over the next five years – contradicting Democrats’ sales. Climate promises But the Trump-era plan, which … Read more

Don’t let novelty bias derail your retirement investment strategy | personal financing

(Sam Swenson, CFA, CPA) investing in the retirement It is much more behavioral than mechanical. yosuddenlyHumans tend to respond to large, emotionally impactful events. This is the crux of the modernity bias: we have a behavioral tendency to place more importance on the events of the recent past, especially when it comes to investing. Below, … Read more

Getting treatment when cost and access are a barrier | Smart Change: Personal Finance

Sarah Rathner Search race Psychological health Therapy can feel like a marathon when you don’t have the energy or ability to reach the starting line. You may encounter limited and affordable options and a shortage of available therapists. “Before the pandemic, we had an insufficient workforce to meet the mental health demands of the country,” … Read more

3 reasons to sell stocks and 1 big reason not to | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Mark Clean) In the event you’re a buy-and-hold investor, it is simple to dismiss the difficulty of promoting. In spite of everything, should you make investments effectively, you’ll hopefully promote not often. Nevertheless, it is very important perceive when it is best to promote a inventory, even when the situations are few and much between. … Read more

Tesla CEO predicts recession: How savers should prepare for retirement | personal financing

(Catherine Brooke) Tesla CEO Elon Musk not too long ago predicted that the US financial system will quickly fall right into a recession. Talking on the Qatar Financial Discussion board, Musk described a recession as “extra probably than others” within the close to time period. Says musk Seems he was proper: How will that have … Read more

These 3 Dividend Funds Are Retirees’ Best Friend | personal financing

When you’ve largely completed working for a dwelling and are actually in search of your personal nest egg to economize in your bills, quite a lot of dividend-paying shares can do the job. Nonetheless, there could also be a less complicated and safer answer: exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Along with the truth that it can provide … Read more