New Zealand International Scholarship 2023

The New Zealand International Scholarship is a program aimed at providing scholarship awards to international students who wish to study abroad. The sole purpose is to fund the training of citizens from developing countries, so they can positively impact on their country’s development by sharing new skills and knowledge gained from their study. The Government … Read more

Study Abroad Consultants: Benefits of Life After International Education

Studying abroad is supposed to foster an eternity of advancements. Students studying abroad become the next generation of globally minded adventurers and leaders. An international education, whether it’s a semester abroad or a full degree program in a foreign country, can be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in the world. mortal envelope … Read more

Study Abroad Consultants: Can I work as an international student during my study period?

Earning while learning helps international students manage their finances effectively and be self-sufficient. Students pursuing their studies abroad can track their studies and miscellaneous expenses which may include accommodation, food, travel, etc., while they are paid. Parents are used to working hard and keeping reserves so that their children can study abroad. However, on some … Read more

All you need to know about applying to study in Canada

All you need to know about applying to study in Canada Canada is known to welcome many international students every year. Many of them decide to live in Canada after completing their studies. The visa officer is responsible for approving or rejecting a study permit for Canada. The Canadian government’s goal is to promote diversity … Read more

The best universities in Germany for your higher studies

The best universities in Germany for your higher studies In recent years, Germany has become one of the main destinations for pursuing studies. It is gaining popularity with students all over the world. Indeed, it offers various advantages ranging from an efficient and reliable education system, very low tuition fees and some of the best … Read more

5 affordable homes near Nottingham Trent University

Want to live close to campus without paying too much? Check out our list of affordable accommodation near Nottingham Trent University that has everything you need! Nottingham, a bustling city in the UK, attracts a large number of international students from all over the world. It is one of the nine best student cities in … Read more

Study Abroad Consultants: How Do University Rankings Work?

When it comes to choosing an institution to pursue an international education, applicants consider many quantifiable factors such as the safety of the country to be visited, funding and staffing, student life and engagement, weather , employment opportunities during studies, industrial links, excellence in specialization, faculty diversity, influence of research, etc. However, the ranking of … Read more

Students choose to study in Ireland

Why do students choose to study in Ireland? Ireland is a charming island that combines modern cities with idyllic countryside, historic cityscapes and diverse natural habitats. The Republic of Ireland is a fascinating place that combines adventure, history, culture and fun. Studying in Ireland means choosing the best places to study in Ireland, how to … Read more