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If you plan to to study abroad and once you have secured admission to your dream university, the next step is to make your student visa application. The process of applying for a student visa can sometimes be confusing. During this process, students end up being more nervous and have many questions related to study abroad and student visa interviews. However, Edwise is India’s leading Education Abroad Consultant that helps the student find answers and also provides guidance on student visa interview.

Compile your app

Students wishing to continue their studies in Canada can submit their application online, or they can also visit a Canadian consulate in their home country. Students who wish study in the USA, are required to visit the nearest US Embassy in their home country. They must submit their application to the US Embassy for the F-1 Student Visa category.


In this process, students are required to submit all the documents listed during the visa interview. This is the critical stage of the visa interview. Rather than a visa application, students must also submit the acceptance letter they receive from the university, financial support documents, Form I-20, study permit depending on whether the student does a request for the United States or Canada.

Transmission Skills / Communication Skills

During the interview, apart from the submitted documents, the communication skills of the students, as well as their body language, are also judged. Make sure to stay positive and not let your nerves get the better of you. As consular officers have a stack of applications, they are pressed for time to conduct interviews. They make a decision on the impression they form within the first few minutes of the interview. So basically, what you say in the first few minutes and the impressions you create can lead to a successful interview.

Stay focused

Make sure you are attentive and listen carefully to what the interviewer is asking, then respond accordingly. Before answering, take the time to compose yourself before answering and stick to the basics when answering. In particular, the interviewer asks questions related to the fields of why this course, why this university, why this country, what are your future goals, your family ties and much more. Thus, prepare in advance, it will be advantageous.

Return Plans

Students should make it clear to the interviewer that at the end of their course they intend to return to their home country. To make a strong point, students can talk more about their family ties, assets, finances, work exposure, etc. Be sure to present a strong and solid case for your return at the end of your listed course.

Why apply for a student visa with Edwise

Getting a student visa to study abroad is not an easy task and also time consuming, but with the help of Edwise advisors, it can be done in a simple procedure. At Edwise, we help a student through the entire student visa process, including completing applications, compiling financial documents, as well as guiding and training them for their mock interviews, and much more. We are updated on visa regulations and documentation by consulates. 99% of our students can obtain a student visa. For all Edwise students, visa advice is free in all countries.

For further assistance or questions regarding Study in Australia, Study in Ireland, Study in UKStudy in the United States, etc. you can contact us, Edwise Internationaland take advantage of our wide range of services for students in the destinations.

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