Edwise International – Study Abroad Consultants: Secrets to Winning Study Abroad Scholarships

Earning a degree from an international institution can open up lucrative global career opportunities by providing candidates with a holistic education. Studying at a prominent university abroad is an expensive affair, but that should not hinder one’s aspirations to pursue the education of his dreams. Universities offer assistance in the form of scholarships that can range from 5% to 100%. There are several scholarships you can apply for regardless of your background and interests.

Applicants from all over the world apply for scholarships, but only a few get it. When applying for a scholarship, it is essential to present an impressive application.

As a student, there are things you can do to make sure your scholarship applications don’t fail you. Here’s how to successfully complete your scholarship application.

1. Be the early bird

The earlier you start, the less likely you are to miss the deadline. You will also have more time on hand to perfect your application. Fellows say applying early was crucial to their success.

2. Do thorough preparatory work

The list of scholarships and institutions that match your interests, achievements, and academic record compels you to research them in detail. It can help you find the right scholarship for a quality education abroad that you deeply desire. If you are sure about the university of enrollment, the institution’s website is a good place to start your scholarship search. Generally, the university’s website gives a lot of resources on scholarships, financial aid, and other funding.

3. Pay close attention to the application essay

Write a scholarship essay can be time consuming, but it is a useful tool to tell your story and mention why you deserve the scholarship. The Scholarship Application
should reflect your personality and authentic voice. Make sure to mention the special things about you, like any hardships you’ve been through and how you overcame them. Identify all key words and take the time to understand them and stick strictly to the question when answering.

4. Review the request

It is strongly suggested to always read the Scholarship Application
several times. Scholarship applications always have a scope for improvisation after someone has passed a critical eye on them. In addition to helping identify typos or other errors, constructive feedback helps you analyze your strengths and accomplishments.

5. Time management

Time management is especially critical if you have multiple scholarship applications to submit. Some students, in the rush to submit their applications, end up submitting incomplete applications. Make a schedule of all the deadlines and give yourself plenty of time to work on each one.

6. Apply

There is no limit to the number of scholarships you can apply for. Apply for the maximum number of scholarships you are entitled to. The more you apply, the more likely you are to get one!

7. Don’t lose hope

Don’t stop applying. You might face rejection from an organization, but don’t lose hope. it is important – and worthwhile – to keep applying. You never know which scholarship application will be the successful one.

Below are some Edwise students who have received scholarships.

1. Our student Kritibha Rai was awarded an Irish Government International Scholarship for the FT Actuarial Science Masters Degree at University College Dublin, Ireland in the 2014/15 academic year. This scholarship entitled him to a full tuition fee waiver and a stipend of €10,000 for up to one academic year.

2. Our student Jahaan Bharucha is a proud recipient of the prestigious Chancellors Award (100% Tuition fee Waiver) from the University of Troy, Alabama, USA for the BBA-Sports Management course for 2016 admission.

3. Student Edwise Sharron Furtado from Pune has been awarded the International Excellence Scholarship for MSC Applying Physiotherapy course at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.

4. Our student, Bibhas Biswas was awarded the John Sports Scholarship from Southern Institute of Technology (New Zealand) covering 100% of his tuition fees for the Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science course

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