Edwise International – Study Abroad Consultants: Documents to present when starting your study abroad trip

Nowadays, many opportunities are available for international students in foreign countries. Thus, many students around the world aim to to study abroad
to improve their standard of living and elevate their careers to new heights. Going to another country to pursue higher education is a difficult and arduous task mainly due to various family and personal reasons. Nevertheless, the moment one realizes the amenities and facilities available in the other country, there remains no reason not to travel to a foreign country.

We are left with multiple advantages when we embark on our journey towards to study abroad. He/she meets a wide range of people and makes new friends, immerses himself in a new and completely different culture, learns a new language, is able to visit amazing places, discover exciting new foods and, above all, become independent and autonomous. addicted.

Before doing your study abroad

trip a memorable and lasting experience, there are several things or factors to consider. International students must take care of and are required to acquire information regarding all the documents needed to apply for a student visa. It is only after meeting the requirements of the college or university that one is eligible to undertake his or her to study abroad journey.

To make your trip a success, here are the documents required:

Application form : The most crucial document which contains the personal and professional details of the student, youThe application form relates to the college or university to which the student is applying. The student is required to carefully fill out the application form with the correct information before submitting it to the college or university. Double check before submitting the form. This makes it easier for the admissions officer to go through the student’s application.

The test results: To majority of universities and colleges abroad, English is the language of instruction, and therefore, to ensure that the student can speak, read and write in English in addition to being able to converse, they require fluency of English, i.e. IELTS or TOEFL scores. The student is required to submit these scores with the application. These scores vary from university to university and can affect a student’s chances of being admitted to the college or university of their choice.

The student may also need to take more general standardized tests like the GRE or SAT depending on their country and their choice of university.

Academic transcripts: The student is required to submit his academic record with the application form. It is the same as the consolidated score sheet we get in India which includes all courses taken by the student, grades obtained, credits and degrees obtained. Anyone pursuing postgraduate programs must submit their SSC (Senior Secondary Certificate), HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) and Graduation Degree Certificate, along with the required mark sheets.

Curriculum Vitae (CV): The CV is one of the most important documents to submit. It contains information on the student’s educational background, internships or professional experience, extracurricular activities, diplomas, skills, etc., and is used to apply for admission or to obtain a new job. The CV or Curriculum Vitae gives a complete overview of the academic and professional profile of the student. The university or college takes into consideration presentation skills and how one behaves during a videoconference interaction. Based on the curriculum vitae presented by the candidate, this discussion takes place.

Declaration of Intent: The most important document of his application, the SOP is a short essay written by the student. It describes the background of the student, the reason why he wants to take this particular course, the desired university and his future aspirations. The university wants to know why the student chose their campus to study the said program. A well written SOP paves the way for a student to enter their dream university and hence the student should invest enough time in writing the essay to make their application stand out from the crowd. crowd. It assesses a potential student’s abilities in terms of critical thinking, analytical skills, goals, interests, and future goals. The SOP should be short, precise and ideologically clear.

Passport size photos and photo ID: Pan Card, Driving License or Voter ID Card are the different photo ID documents needed for identification purposes and proof of residency. Students should also send a clear image with some background as required by the university or college. All instructions given by the institute must be followed.

Letter of recommendation: LOR is also known as a reference letter. It is written in the student’s name either by the student’s supervisor or by the professor, at the latter’s request. Here the author talks about the person’s qualities, skills, characteristics and experience based on his ability to perform a given task. The writer also testifies to the individual’s contribution to work or college. The LOR relates to admission to institutes of higher learning, scholarships or eligibility for employment. The admissions committee has an insight into the life of the individual and can then decide on their admission through the letter of recommendation.

Certificate of work experience: Students
relevant work experience certificates must be attached. This plays an important role in allowing the student to better understand the program and the experience gained adds more weight. A student intending to pursue an MBA must submit details of their work experience along with the necessary documents. Work experience documents include: latest membership letter, latest payslip and work certificates from previous companies or employers.

Travel and financial documents: Students must have a valid passport and study visa in order to travel to their preferred destination. They must show proof of funds indicating that they can take care of themselves in an emergency. Few documents have to be sent within the deadline prescribed by the university/college.

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