Supreme Court vs Climate

The current Fourth of July was bleak, to put it mildly. Our democracy, our hard-earned rights, and even our lives are under attack. The government structure intended to provide checks and balances appears to have been derailed. Or maybe the launcher has lost the directory. Or they simply decide not to use it. What many … Read more

The study concluded that the genetic defect underlying Krabbe disease directly causes neuronal degeneration

The genetic defect underlying Krabbe disease directly caused the degeneration of neurons, regardless of its effect on other cell types, according to a new study published July 5.The tenth In the open access journal Biology Plus Written by Daesung Shin of the University of Buffalo, US, and colleagues. The discovery represents a new mechanism of … Read more

Planetary Sharing Dangers

Janus smallsat’s mission to study binary asteroids was to fly as a co-flight on the Psyche Falcon Heavy launch rocket, but is now on hold after Psyche missed its launch window this year. (credit: Lockheed Martin) by Jeff FaustTuesday 5 July 2022 Smallsat developers have long known the benefits and challenges of rideshare launch opportunities. … Read more

The wildlife corridor from Yellowstone to Yukon is showing promise, including swathes of Oregon

by Charles C. Chester, Brandeis University, and Mark Hepplewhite University of Montana With human development spreading farther around the world, very few large ecosystems remain relatively intact and undisturbed by highways, cities, or other human-made obstructions. One of the biggest exceptions is From Yellowstone to Yukon The region, or Y2Y, extends more than 2,000 miles … Read more

The Supreme Court’s Big Environmental Regulations Decision Reads Free Market Economics in the Constitution

Placeholder while loading article actions Implications of the Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency Go much further limit The ability of the federal government to tackle climate change – this is important. With this decision, the court did nothing less than change the law’s basic assumptions about the role of the … Read more

Researchers discover a voltage that depends on the wavelength of the incident light

SbSI and SbSI: Sb2s3 Photovoltaic devices. Credit: Ryosuke Nishikubo Scientists from the Institute for Open and Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives at Osaka University have discovered a new feature of solar cells made of antimony sulfodide: a sulfide compound, which they named the wavelength-dependent photoelectric effect (WDPE). The team determined that changing the color of the incident … Read more