Primacorp Ventures donates $60,000 to CCIS to support refugee mental health programs

Primacorp Ventures makes a donation to the Calgary Catholic Immigration Association From left to right: Modeste Nzinga, Lisa Lee, Jill Kirby, Faribors Bergandian, Ricardo Morales Calgary, Alberta, July 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – On June 28, 2022, Primacorp Ventures donated $60,000 to the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society (CSIS) mental health program for refugees. CCIS is … Read more

Research suggests that this type of exercise leads to fat gain — here’s how to improve it

A lot of people depend on running and other sports to lose. Weight. However, exercise isn’t necessarily a panacea for weight loss, and it can even make people fat. In 2015, the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a study in which 81 obese women did aerobic exercise for 12 weeks, maintaining their original … Read more

Medical illustrator Bill Andrews ‘Expert Among Experts’ Retires After 23 Years At Augusta-Jagoire University

Bill Andrewsrecently retired president of Augusta University Medical Illustration Graduation Program, a giant among medical painters. He is known for his impeccable artwork and dedicated guidance to students and colleagues for over 23 years. But there was a time when he had a different dream. When Andrews enrolled in The University of Texas at Austin … Read more

CBO says Biden’s executive actions on food stamps, Obamacare and student loans will lead to large deficits

A letter from the Congressional Budget Office in response to an inquiry from a Republican congressman from Missouri asserts that the Biden administration’s executive actions will increase costs to federal taxpayers and fuel the growing deficit. The In response to Representative Jason Smith of the Central Bank of Oman It highlights three major actions the … Read more

Know your risk factors and take care of your health

Tom Starling, EdD, has been CEO of Mental Health America of the MidSouth since 2009. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more people are talking about mental health. This helps us all realize that Mental health is an important component From your general health and well-being – just like your physical health. Unfortunately, mental health … Read more

USC researcher leads efforts to improve research

Photo: Hussein Yassin, MD, assistant professor of medicine and neuroscience at the Keck School of Medicine at USC and Kenneth and Pete Falk Chair of Neurology at USC. Opinion more credit: USC Anyone searching online for brain-healthy foods will find no shortage of stories offering nutritional recommendations. Some of these stories refer to observational studies … Read more

Lab-grown ‘mini-kidney’ reveals secrets of rare disease

A micrograph of genetically modified kidney organelles has been used to solve a medical mystery about the tuberous sclerosis complex. Credit: Cell Research Researchers have solved a medical mystery in a poorly understood disease by uncovering the cells that cause tumors in patients with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). As shown in cell reportsThey did this … Read more