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Want to live close to campus without paying too much? Check out our list of affordable accommodation near Nottingham Trent University that has everything you need!

Nottingham, a bustling city in the UK, attracts a large number of international students from all over the world. It is one of the nine best student cities in the country. When students arrive, the most pressing concern for them is deciding where to stay in Nottingham. Considering the presence of renowned universities such as Nottingham Trent University in this wonderful city.

Living on campus is a crucial part of the college experience. It’s a fantastic chance to meet new people, integrate into the NTU student body, and start your new life at school. However, not everyone is lucky enough to stay in university accommodation due to limited options, so students may seek another choice, as the ideal accommodation near Nottingham Trent University.

Check out these 5 cheap accommodations near Nottingham Trent University to make your student life more enjoyable.

Rent starts from £79.20 per week

Beeston is one of the cheapest accommodations in Nottingham. It is near West University Park Entrance and offers a variety of accommodations. In 5 to 10 minutes, students can walk to campus. By bicycle, students can reach the city center in 20 minutes.

All accommodation is equipped with Wi-Fi, common area, outdoor social area, contents insurance, fire system, recycling, gas, vending machine automatic, laundry and many other amenities. Your main entrance has easy access to transportation.

You’ll never run out of places to eat as it’s packed with takeaways, restaurants serving everything from Indian to Italian cuisine, and well-known, independent bars and cafes. It’s a bustling little town that has pretty much everything you could possibly need right outside your door.

Rent starts from £95.00 per week

The best place to look for accommodation near Nottingham Trent University is Dunkirk. It is a 5 minute walk from the south and east entrances to University Park. It offers a wide variety of housing alternatives with a number of living amenities, including security, CCTV and Wi-Fi. With a bicycle, you can get downtown in just 10 minutes.

On the outskirts of the university park campus, Dunkirk, a district with a large student population, includes a café, pubs, restaurants, a grocery store and religious institutions.

When you’re not studying, there’s plenty to do in Dunkirk, including a multiplex cinema and an entertainment complex that includes a bowling alley and several chain restaurants.

Rent starts from £95.08 per week

Lenton is a popular area close to downtown with many attractions, making it a great place to live for students. Lenton has everything you need including banks, bars, supermarkets, pharmacies, taverns, places of worship, restaurants, shops and takeaways.

Plus, you can enjoy the locally owned and operated Crocus Cafe, which was named one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the country by Observer Food Monthly. It’s all the amenities that make Lenton the best place to stay in Nottingham.

Student accommodation is only 15 minutes from the university campus. You can cycle to the city center in 5 minutes at your convenience.

Rent starts from £79.20 per week

Radford, a city center area just outside the center of Nottingham, offers a variety of affordable accommodation close to Nottingham Trent University. There are a large number of specialty grocery stores and retail businesses, as well as a recreation center offering a variety of activities.

Living in Radford will put the city center within walking distance, making it much easier to enjoy the days and evenings in Nottingham.

Housing alternatives include features such as a gym, common study area, heating, water, bicycle storage and many more. The city center can be reached in 5 minutes at your leisure by bike.

Rent starts from £79.20 per week

Lovely Wollaton Park serves as the backdrop and glorious place to work Sunday lunches in Wollaton, a quiet residential area with a few pubs, cafes, shops and recreational sports. The area is considered accommodation near Nottingham Trent University.

A quiet area, it is home to the exceptional Wollaton Park and Hall, which is also home to the Natural History Museum and industrial museum. Local family businesses make up most of the stores in the area, which also include pharmacies, building societies, and hair salons.

It has so far been considered the ideal place for student accommodation, and thousands of students have considered it for their accommodation.

Students at University Park Grounds and Nottingham Trent University promote St. Peter’s Court due to its proximity to the event, just over 20 minutes.

All rooms in this building are ensuite, which means you will share a kitchen and living room with other residents in addition to having a private bathroom. A large normal living room with a pool table and table tennis table, an examination room and a well-equipped exercise room are also available. There is an outdoor patio with chairs, tables and even a bocce court.

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