The best universities in Germany for your higher studies

The best universities in Germany for your higher studies

In recent years, Germany has become one of the main destinations for pursuing studies. It is gaining popularity with students all over the world. Indeed, it offers various advantages ranging from an efficient and reliable education system, very low tuition fees and some of the best education platforms in the world. Moreover, if you study in one of the German universities, your qualifications and degrees will be appreciated all over the world. You will acquire skills that will give you great job opportunities. So, if you are considering studying here, here is a list of 10 best universities in Germany.

1. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

This university is also called the University of Munich. It is one of the oldest universities in Germany. This university aims to maintain high quality education and is located in the heart of the city of Munich. It was established in 1472 and has proven to be a leading institution in Europe. It also offers a wide range of courses for its students, including medicine, economics, history, and the arts. It is an institution that has been chosen by students from all over the world. In its study programs, LMU tends to focus a lot on practical and theoretical knowledge. The university also focuses on improving its students by channeling their talents and curiosities in the right direction. The university works to disseminate knowledge for the betterment of society.

2. Technical University of Munich

This university is also a reputable institution in Europe. It consists of four campuses located in Bavaria. It was established in 1868. Munich is where the main campus of this university is located. The other three campuses are located in Garching, Weihenstephan and Straubing. TUM welcomed up to 13,858 international students in its undergraduate and graduate programs in 2019. The Technical University of Munich has divided its academics into 13 research centers and 15 departments. This university also has many partnerships with different companies in the United States, Australia, Asia and Europe itself.

3. Humboldt University of Berlin

This university was founded in 1801. It started with just 52 staff and 256 students. At that time, it offered courses in four subjects, namely law, medicine, philosophy and theology. The first university building was donated by Friedrich Wilhelm III. Due to the outbreak of World War II, the university was closed for some time. It was reopened in 1946. At present, the university consists of five central units, nine faculties and nine interdisciplinary centers. Currently, this university has over 35,475 students and 420 faculty members, of which 18% of the teaching staff and 16% of the students come from different parts of the world.

4. Ludwig University of Freiburg

This university was established in 1457. Initially, this prominent institution consisted of four faculties, namely philosophy, theology, law, and medicine. It was created to train young theologians and administrators. Today Ludwig University comprises 18 research centers and 11 faculties. This university consists of three campuses, which include the engineering campus, the institute quarter, and the main university campus. This institution offers 130 master’s programs and more than 290 other fields of study. There are 11 faculty groups and 24,000 students here, of which nearly 25% of students are from foreign countries. It also has partnerships with different universities from different parts of the world. This institution offers its students various internship and job opportunities.

5. Technical University of Berlin

This university is located in the capital of Germany. It was founded in 1879. TU9 is a community of several notable technological institutes in Germany and the Technical University of Berlin is one of them. Such a membership allows for student exchange between various engineering institutes. It offers various programs including Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Transportation Systems, Process Science and Engineering, and Humanities. The campuses of this university are spread all over the city of Berlin, with the main campus located in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf. The campuses offer different facilities, including unlimited access to the science library.

6. RWTH University of Aachen

It is a university that consists of international and national collaborations. It has its roots in 1870. It started with almost 32 staff members and around 223 students. It was not until 1909 that female students were admitted to this university. The university campus covers an area of ​​nearly 620 acres. The campus is categorized into two parts, namely Melaten and Midtown. Currently, this university consists of about 5695 staff members and 45628 students, of which about 5000 students come from different countries. In addition, the campus is located near attractive tourist sites.

seven. free university of berlin

This university is a non-profit institute that was established by professors and students in 1948 with the aim of promoting free education. The institute contains four campuses. And the main campus of FU University is Dahlen Campus. This university is hosted by almost 33000 students of which 40% are international students.

8. University of Tubingen

This institute has its roots in 1477 and, therefore, is one of the oldest educational institutions in Germany. It is mainly popular for its research programs and teachings. This university offers the possibility of being a professor on campus. It also has its own museum. It offers various academic programs at the master’s, bachelor’s and doctoral levels. Currently, nearly 27196 students are part of this institution of which about 3779 belong to different nationalities.

9. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is committed to solving the most pressing problems facing society, industry and the environment. It offers both teaching and research. The work of this university is defined by its international exchange of knowledge and its cultural diversity. KIT is a university that focuses on providing unique opportunities for students by integrating them into interdisciplinary research projects and international teams. This university also offers study programs in architecture, physics, mathematics, computer science, etc.

ten. Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg

This university is a highly respected research and educational institution with a long history. It offers a wide range of disciplines. The university provides quality education in a welcoming and relaxed environment with the aim of expanding students’ knowledge and skills and preparing them for success. Heidelberg University is committed to providing equal opportunities for men and women and to creating an inclusive community of ambitious people. Biosciences, law, medicine, theology, etc. are some of the courses offered by this university.

Now that you know the different universities in Germany for international students, waste no more time contemplating and get admitted into one of the best universities here.

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