NSUK Pre-Degree Admission Form 2022/2023 Is Out

This is to let you know that the NSUK Pre-degree Admission Form for 2022/2023 academic session is out. Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for pre-degree programmes offered by Nasarawa State University, Keffi (NSUK) School of Preliminary Studies programmes for the 2022/2023 academic session.

Available Pre-degree Programmes

Please Note that the IJMB is a one year (12 months) programme in Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences which prepares successful candidates for admission into 200 level of the degree programme(s) of Nasarawa State University, Keffi and other Universities in Nigeria through Direct Entry.

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NSUK Available Subject Combination and Undergraduate Courses

The following are available subject combination and possible undergraduate courses:

1. 004 Acct, Bus. Mgt, A/L Maths Acct, Bus Admin, PA, BAF, MK
2. 005 Acct, Bus. Mgt., Econs Acct, Bus Admin, Econs, PA, BAF, MK
3. 007 Acct, Bus. Mgt., Govt Acct, Bus Admin, PA, BAF, MK
4. 009 Acct, Econs, Geog. Acct, Bus Admin, Econs, PA, BAF, MK,  URP
5. 011 Acct, Econs, Govt Acct, Bus Admin, Econs, BAF, MK,  MC
6. 013 Acct, Geog, A/L Maths Acct, Bus Admin, Geog, PA, BAF, MK, URP
7. 014 Acct, Geog, Govt. Acct, Bus Admin, Geog, PA, BAF, MK
8. 016 Acct, Govt, A/L Maths Acct, Bus Admin, PA, BAF, MK
9. 017 Acct. Govt. Sociology Acct, Bus Admin, Sociol, Pol. Sci. Inter. Studies, PA, MC, BAF, MK

10. 021 Arabic Govt. Islamic Stud. Pol. Sci, Inter. Studies; MC, Single Honours

11. 023 Arabic Hausa, Islamic Stud Single Honours

12 025 Arabic History, Islamic Stud Law, Pol. Sci., Inter. Studies Archaeology, Single Honours
13. 027 Biol, Chem., A/L Maths Medicine, vet. Medicine, Pharmacy, Biochem Microbiology, Agric. Sci, Single Honours
14. 028 Biol, Chem., Geog Agric. Sci, Archaeology, Biochem, Microbiology, Physiology
15. 029 Biol, Chem., Geology    Single Honours, Bioche, Microbiology, Textile Sci. Physiology, Agric. Sci, Archaeology.
16. 030 Biol, Chem., Physics    Medicine, Vet. Medicine, Agric. Sci. Engineering, Textile Sci. & Tech. Pharmacy, Biochem, Geophysics, Agric. Sci. Archaeology, Microbiology,
17. 031 Bus Mgt, Econs, A/L Maths Bus. Admin, Econs, Acct, URP, BAF, MK
18. 033 Bus Mgt, Econs, Govt. Bus. Admin, Pol. Sci. Inter. Studies, PA; Econs, MC Acct, BAF, MK
19. 034 Bus Mgt, Econs, Sociology Bus. Admin, Acct, PA, BAF
20. 036 Bus Mgt, Geog, Govt PA, Bus. Admin, Acct, BAF, MK
21. 038 Bus Mgt, Govt, Sociology Bus. Admin, PA, Sociology, Pol. Sci. Inter. Studies, MK, Acct, BAF
22. 039 Chem., Geog, A/L Maths Envl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology, Agric. Sci, Textile Sci.
23. 040 Chem., Geog, Physics Envl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology, Agric. Sci, Textile Sci.
24. 041 Chem, Geology, A/L Maths Envl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology, Agric. Sci, Textile Sci.
25. 042 Chem., Geology, Physics Envl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology, Agric. Sci, Textile Sci., Single Honours
26. 043 Chem., Physics, A/L Maths Engr., Textile Sci., Envl. Sci, Comp. Sci., Agric. Sci. Geophysics
27. 045 CRS, Govt. Lit Single Honours; Law, PA, Pol. Sci, Inter. Studies, MC
28. 047 CRS, Hausa, Lit Single Honours, Law
29. 048 CRS, History, Lit Single Honours; Law, MC, Pol. Sci, Inter. Studies,
30. 049 Econs, Geog, A/L Maths Envl. Sci, URP, Single Honours, Acct, BAF, PA, MK
31. 050 Econs, Geog, Govt URP, Acct, PA, BAF, MK, MC, Single Honours
32. 052 Econs, Govt, A/L Maths PA, Pol. Sci, Inter. Studies, Econs, MC, Acct, BAF, Single Honours
33. 060 Geog. Govt, A/L Maths Envl. Sci, Pol Sci, Inter. Studies, Geog, PA
34. 061 Geog. Govt, Sociology URP, Sociology, PA, Pol. Sci, Geog, Inter Studies
35. 063 Geog. Physics, A/L Maths Single honours, Envl. Sci, Engr. (not Chemical Engr) Comp. Sci, Quantity Survey, Geophysics
36. 064 Geology Physics, A/L Maths Single Honours, Envl. Sci, Engr. Archaeology (Ibadan) Comp. Sci, Geophysics
37. 066 Govt, Islamic Stud, Lit Single Honours, PA, Pol. Sci, Inter Studies, Law, Archaeology, MC
38. 068 Hausa, Islamic Stud, History Single Honours, PA, Pol. Sci, Inter Studies
39. 070 History, Islamic Stud, Lit Single Honours, Inter Studies PA, Pol. Sci, MC, Law, Archaeology
40. 071 Sociology, Arabic, Lit. Single Honours, Law, MC


  • PA       –           Public Administration
  • BAF     –           Banking and Finance
  • MC      –           Mass Communication
  • MK       –           Marketing
  • URP    –           Urban and Regional Planning

How to Apply for NSUK Pre-degree Admission Form

  • Select the Admission Forms Link at https://nsuk.edu.ng/

  • Pre-Degree admissions form should be selected Type

  • It’s time to give us your phone number and email address.

  • To make a payment, simply click on the MAKE PAYMENT NOW button.

  • A pre-payment slip can be used to make a payment at any of the Commercial Banks.

  • In order to complete your registration, return to the online portal and click on the Register Link.Preparation Schedule for 2022/2023 Medical Exams

  • New applications will not be accepted once the NSUK Admission Application Form Portal has been closed. The NSUK Pre-Degree form 2022/2023 is currently on sale, so sign up now!

NSUK Pre-degree Admission Form Closing Date

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